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I have work that I need done It has been three weeks since I have taken posession of my home.It is a low end remodel but I was told that I would be taken care of that month.

These guys do rehabs for all of the investors that I know but I cannot get them to work for me. Anyone have anytips?

I hear a lot of good things about these guys but i cannot for some reason get their attention.They when they call me back they tell me that they are currently not taking care of any punch items and only large rehabs.

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Angry Bird,

I am the Owner of Handyman Home Restoration.WE are a service company in Tampa Florida.

If you were sold a house and someone that sold it to you reffered you to us I apologise for the misconception. We do not work for homeowners at the time. We are a Investor Client based company. Our investors are generally our only clients.

We do not do service work for outside customers unless you have a signed service contract in place. The lack of phone calls in return may have somenting to do with this. I will have someone call you if you email me and see if there is somenthing that we can do to help you maybe a refferal or somenthing along those lines. Everyone has their job and their clientel and for the time being ours is the world of investments.

Thanks for your feedback but i do not belive that anyone told you that they would call you back.

All calls from refferals are sent directly to me and I would have not given you any information on a time frame.I would have told you right then and there that we do not service homeowners.

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A written contract signed by both parties is how i set the expectations and my timeline with my customers.I GET PAID IN 3RD'S ON LABOR ONLY!

@ the beginning of job,in the (agreed upon 1/2 way done point). and at the end! I deal in cash only and,,,,,ALL MATERIALS ARE PAID FOR BY THE BUYER and we shop together or i give them a list and they get it and then i start! my point is?

"THE CONTRACT"! Sounds like you have a "good ol'boys agreement" and your money is not large enough to get his attention. but what i would do is get a meeting with the head guy,walk the property talk of concerns,and get written timelines and pay per completion. but try nice 1st.

if they got your $$$ then your next step is tell them (I WILL GET ANOTHER CONTRACTOR AND BACKCHARGE YOU)!If you are too busy and maybe he will even give you a name of a co.for you to use for the agreed backcharge. The contractor that is a true costomer service co.will work with you....Period! if not? the BBB Is not a great place to have your name.Handyman in tx.

good-luck angrybird..8)

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they did my house and did a great job.it was a big job. cant thank them enough. they must be realy busy these days.

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